Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

What makes a good speaker for Interesting Berlin?

At the moment people are getting in touch with us and asking if they can talk at Interesting this year. This is great and just what we want. And of course we are asking people too.

I thought it might be helpful to write a brief note about what sort of people or topics fit best.

1) People with a passion - it could be for petrol stations or strawberry jam (examples from last year) but it could also be musicals or collecting bits of string!

2) Topics that have no hidden commercial interest - it could still be interesting but if you are obviously promoting something which is going to make money for you - then thanks but no thanks

3) Weird-ness or cookiness or eccentricity, whatever you want to call it - always interesting anyway but here in particular.

So if you want to come and talk, have a think and check that you fit either Nr 1 and Nr 3 and not Nr 2.

An image from Banksy painted on the wall in Israel - now there is someone who definitely has a passion and is interesting

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