Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

Just so you know - we are doing this for love, not money

The last couple of days I have been asked by a couple of people why the tickets cost what they do! Well... apart from the fact that they cost less than one trip to the cinema and what you will see, is much more interesting and original....the main reason is that we need to cover our costs.

We have deliberately decided to keep the event free from large scale sponsorship so that no-one starts to tell us what to do. A few generous sponsors have given us small amounts (and I mean small) but the rest we have to cover ourselves. That includes renting the location, equipment and anything else we need.

Last year we looked on Interesting as a rather expensive present to ourselves. This year we are hoping it will be a great present to everyone which won't cost us too much.

Any money that is left over after we have paid all the bills will be donated to charity. So as Russell says, it doesn't work if there is any profit involved.

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